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LSU defensive backs coach Corey Raymond will be able to relax a little with the addition of safeties coach Bill Busch to the staff.

New LSU safeties coach Bill Busch makes Corey Raymond’s job easier

Alex Hickey

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Question of the Day: Tuesday, Feb. 20

Sometimes, we get questions that we would never expect to be questions.

Such has been the case since LSU’s recent hire of safeties coach Bill Busch, who was added as the program’s 10th assistant coach. Several fans are reading into the tea leaves that this will somehow alienate secondary coach Corey Raymond since it is intruding on his territory.

After hearing such speculation, emailer Brandon Whins asked:

What do you think of the rumors that Corey Raymond is gonna leave LSU since they hired a safety coach?

As with any rumor, facts are the best counterpoint.

The odds are pretty good that Raymond won’t be alienated by LSU hiring … the first guy to give him a job as a position coach at the college level.

Back in 2009, Busch was a first-year defensive coordinator at Utah State. He and coach Gary Andersen took a chance on a defensive backs coach whose only collegiate experience was as an assistant strength and conditioning coach at LSU. That young coach was Corey Raymond.

And Raymond isn’t the only one on staff to work with Busch. When Dave Aranda arrived at Utah State in 2012 — by which time Raymond was already at LSU — Busch coached safeties while also serving as special teams coordinator.

If Aranda and Raymond didn’t already think of Busch in the highest possible terms, he would not have been hired for the newly created 10th assistant coach position. It’s that simple.

As anyone who has ever been employed knows, your job is a lot easier when there is another co-worker who can help pick up the slack. That’s precisely what Raymond has with Busch. That anyone could find a way to project that as a negative development for LSU is just silly.

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