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A Billy Cannon statue is coming to LSU.

Statue coming for LSU legend Billy Cannon

A statue is coming at LSU for Tigers legend Billy Cannon.

On Thursday, the school announced that a statue for the 1959 Heisman Trophy winner had been approved by the LSU Athletics Hall of Fame Committee. The halfback guided the Tigers to the 1958 national championship, and he entered the LSU Athletic Hall of Fame in 1975. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2008.

He ran for 1,867 yards and had 522 yards receiving for the Tigers from 1957-59.

“There is no player more synonymous with LSU football than Billy Cannon,” Bill Demastes, LSU faculty athletics representative and Athletic Hall of Fame Committee Chair, said in a release. “His ability on a football field made him a legend and the decision to honor him as such was unanimous.”

It has been quite the week for Cannon, who turned 80 on Wednesday.