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Does Texas A&M's hire of Jimbo Fisher make a rivalry with LSU more real?

Will Texas A&M’s hiring of Jimbo Fisher make its rivalry with LSU real?

Alex Hickey

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Question of the Day: Monday, Dec. 4

A good question from Jake that has to first acknowledge one great lie before being answered.

Texas A&M’s biggest rival is Texas. Texas A&M’s biggest rival will always be Texas. Any Aggie who tries to convince you otherwise is living a life of illusion. Or delusion.

Hatred for the Longhorns has been engrained in Aggie culture for well over a century. It’s literally written into the Aggie War Hymn. They call their collective group swaying “Sawing Off the Horns,” for goodness sake.

LSU may be the team A&M plays at the end of the season, but it’s never going to mean the same as Texas no matter how hard anyone in the SEC might try to insist. People don’t ask the Governor of Texas to find ways to make the Aggies and Tigers play. They ask him to get the Aggies and Longhorns back together.

That said… the hiring of Jimbo Fisher ups the ante. I’m willing to bet the Aggies will finally beat the Tigers some time by the end of Fisher’s 10-year contract. (I’m also willing to bet he’s no longer coaching by 2028, but that’s another story.)

In particular, it will be interesting to see how well Fisher cuts off the inroads LSU has made in recruiting the Houston area. He already had a bit of success doing so at Florida State, beating out the Tigers for defensive tackle Marvin Wilson last year. Being in-state only figures to make him an even more desirable option for those recruits.

Even though the games between the Tigers and Aggies will get more competitive, they’re probably not going be more vindictive. None of LSU’s rivalries ever seem to be totally reciprocal. Arkansas hates LSU, but the Tigers view the Hogs as a slight annoyance. LSU hates Alabama, but the Crimson Tide will merely respect the Tigers while holding their hatred for Tennessee and Auburn. Ole Miss hates LSU, but not nearly as much as Mississippi State.

As long as Aggies fans continue to harbor a true hatred in their hearts for the burnt orange, this will be a forced rivalry. But at least it should be a more competitive one than before.