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Steve Ensminger shed some light on his overall offensive philosophy on Thursday.

What kind of scheme will Steve Ensminger run with LSU’s offense?

Alex Hickey

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Question of the Day: Thursday, Jan. 11

E-mailer Chester Court comes to us with the question on everyone’s mind now that Steve Ensminger is in place as LSU’s new offensive coordinator.

What kind of scheme does Steve Ensminger plan on running as offensive coordinator? We hear a lot about “pro style” but what does that mean?

Give Ensminger credit for this much: the man clearly knows the personnel on his roster. LSU has to replace its quarterback and top two running backs, but will have a good amount of depth in the receiving corps next year.

Ensminger spoke of trying to have a good run-pass balance, but doing it out of three- and four-receiver sets. In other words, this offense is going to have a spread look much of the time.

“We have to put the best talent on the field,” Ensminger said in his introductory news conference Thursday. “That will be three and four wideouts. We do have good running backs. None of them are proven yet. Our strength is wide receivers. We’re going to put pressure on the quarterback right now.”

That does not mean LSU is abandoning its run identity.

“We can be in three-wides and everything else and still run the football. You still have to be physical off of it,” he said. “I plan on being able to do the [run-pass options]. Trick plays and everything else. It doesn’t matter what personnel we’re in. We’ll have to be able to run the football and throw the ball over their head.”

Ensminger also addressed changes in tempo.

“We have to be no-huddle [at times],” he said. “There’s reasons to huddle, then go fast again.”

We will learn more in the spring, obviously. But that’s an outline of Ensminger’s vision for the offense, which is at least far different than what LSU fans were accustomed to seeing in the Les Miles era.

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