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Is Steve Ensminger bound to be the next LSU offensive coordinator?

Whom do we want to be LSU’s next offensive coordinator? Who will get the job?

Alex Hickey

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Question of the Day: Friday, Jan. 5

We know that Matt Canada is on the way out as LSU’s offensive coordinator after just one season. It’s just a matter of when the other shoe drops. But the matter of who replaces him is still very much in question.

Which leads us to our final question this week, courtesy of e-mailer Brandon Whins.

Since Matt is gone, who you think will be the coordinator and who do you want to be coordinator?

I love how this question is phrased, because they are definitely two very different things.

Though I cover LSU, my natural bias is not toward LSU. It is toward option football. You will find fulfillment in life as long as you find something you love as much as I love the option. But there’s a reason you never see the option at major programs anymore — elite athletes are not going to jump on board to play in that system.

Point is, you don’t want me in charge of an offensive coordinator search.

As for who I think will be offensive coordinator? At this point I will be surprised if Steve Ensminger doesn’t have some sort of elevated role on the staff next season.

Before the early signing period, recruits were told there was a very good chance Canada would be leaving the program and that Ensminger would take over. Of course, that may have been a recruiting tactic to assuage any fears about a major shakeup in the staff. But Ed Orgeron has not been shy about the possibility of promoting Ensminger, whether in public or on the recruiting trail.

That name isn’t going to bring any sizzle to LSU fans, but there’s also a chance that the title of offensive coordinator wouldn’t go to Ensminger alone. The addition of a 10th assistant coach lends to the possibility of bringing in someone who has called plays more than eight times in the last 20 years as a co-offensive coordinator — or at least someone who has developed a quarterback in the last 15.

We will learn more about those potential candidates in the coming days. But the way Orgeron has been talking, it will be mildly surprising if Ensminger does not have some sort of title higher than tight ends coach next season. For what it’s worth, he did do a very good job as interim OC in 2016, averaging 32 points and 465 yards per game with Cam Cameron’s previously moribund offense. But LSU would certainly need to add a second high-ranking offensive coach to make the choice palatable.

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