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The owner of the Starkville strip club that advertised a "Hugh Freeze tribute party" spoke to USA TODAY's Dan Wolken.

Owner of Starkville strip club: ‘Only appropriate we’d have the Hugh Freeze tribute party’

If you thought the “Hugh Freeze tribute party” that was advertised at a Starkville strip club was just a joke, you’d be mistaken.

It is, indeed, going down this Saturday night at The Pony, a joint that stands just a few miles east of Mississippi State’s campus.

The owner, an admitted Bulldogs fan named Jerry Westlund, says he’s doing it with revenge in mind. He discussed his thought behind the idea with USA TODAY’s Dan Wolken.

The sign surfaced on social media on Wednesday morning, but some thought it was just a dig at the former Ole Miss coach who resigned after the school became aware of calls he made to a female escort service from a school-issued phone.

Here’s what Westlund, the owner of 25 strip clubs in the southeast, told Wolken.

“Hugh Freeze was a piece of work to me because he banned his players from coming to my clubs,” Westlund said. “He banned them from going to strip clubs. I’m like, I’m sorry at 18 years old you can serve your country. We can give you a gun and send you to a Godforsaken place like Afghanistan, but Hugh Freeze decided they weren’t mature enough to come to a strip club so as the ultimate hypocrite, it’s only appropriate we’d have the Hugh Freeze tribute party.”

Westlund clearly takes offense to the fact that Freeze banned his players from “a legal business in this country.” However, he’s especially taking umbrage with the fact that Freeze didn’t practice what he preached.

“He was willing to go out there and attack people who come to my club,” Westlund said. “If you want to call an escort service, knock yourself out. You could have come to my club and gotten a lap dance and made a friend just as quick.”