Report: Ole Miss to waive $25,100 fee to review Hugh Freeze’s phone records

An attorney for Houston Nutt says Ole Miss is waiving a $25,100 legal fee to review Hugh Freeze’s phone records, according to USA Today’s Dan Wolken.

The attorney, Thomas Mars, called it “admirable and encouraging” as the two sides work toward a resolution to this lawsuit.

Last week, Mars said Ole Miss was attempting to avoid full disclosure of Freeze’s phone records and estimated a legal cost of $25,100 to complete the task.

Nutt is suing Ole Miss for defamation following what he says was a smear campaign that took place in January 2016. The lawsuit has already cost the Rebels their head football coach. Freeze resigned on July 20 after phone records made public by this lawsuit revealed that he called a Tampa-based escort service on a university-issued phone.

Nutt says he is seeking “reasonable compensation” along with an apology from Ole Miss for this issue. University leadership has been reluctant to issue an apology thus far and has remained adamant that Nutt’s claims are false.

This concession by Ole Miss leadership could be encouraging to those hoping to see this issue come to an end sooner rather than later.

Ole Miss begins its season against South Alabama on Sept. 2.