Stacy Revere/Getty Images
Former Alabama safety Landon Collins caught former Ole Miss QB Eli Manning "dancing" in the Giants' locker room on Tuesday.

WATCH: Eli Manning ‘lets loose’ during Giants dance party in locker room

Eli Manning has proven himself capable of beating the likes of Tom Brady, twice, on the big stage. However, let’s hope that’s the only kind of stage he steps foot on.

After Tuesday’s practice, the players in the New York Giants’ locker room broke out into a dance party that, as you’ll see later on, grew to involve the entire team. The dancing was so contagious that even Manning couldn’t help but join in the, um, action.

Former Alabama safety Landon Collins captured the former Ole Miss QB, hardly gyrating at all, in front of his locker. It wasn’t exactly on the level of Elaine Benes and her little kicks in “Seinfeld,” but it’s pretty darn close.

Here’s a look at what Manning’s moves would inspire (not really) in the locker room.

Manning is entering his 14th season with the Giants, leading the franchise to the playoffs last season after a four-year drought previously. However, the team fell to the Green Bay Packers, 38-13, in the wild card round.