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LSU coach Ed Orgeron hasn't had kind things to say about Ole Miss.

WATCH: The only thing LSU coach Ed Orgeron remembers about Oxford is chicken on a stick

It seems as if one of LSU coach Ed Orgeron’s goals this week has been to try and get under the skin of Ole Miss players and fans.

He didn’t have many nice things to say on Tuesday and then social media bit back at him.

Ole Miss doesn’t have very fond memories of Orgeron either. In his three seasons there, he only won 10 games and was 3-21 overall in the SEC.

Orgeron has apparently blocked most of that time from his mind too, except for one small detail: chicken on a stick.

He was asked about any memories of his time in Oxford. Here’s the transcript of what he said.

Question: I know it’s been 10 years. Is there anybody there that you still talk to that’s in administration or at the school at all? Any connection?

ED ORGERON: No, you know, I used to stop at the Exxon and get a chicken-on-a-stick, and they were fantastic. I hope that cook is still there, and I can stop and say hello to her. That’s about all I remember.

Question: This is in Oxford?
ED ORGERON: Yeah, chicken-on-a-stick. It was phenomenal.

Queston: Good chicken-on-a-stick?
ED ORGERON: The best I ever had! Not better than Raising Cane’s! (Laughter.)

Orgeron might have meant a famous Chevron station, but the brand isn’t really the point. It’s that he clearly isn’t a fan of Mississippi and wanted to get back to his roots.

Now that he’s home and beat No. 10 Auburn last weekend, he’ll also have to deliver on his talk this week.