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Missouri coach Barry Odom, hollering during a game last season, is on the hot seat after Saturday's loss.

Fan Sound Off: Missouri fans ready for Barry Odom to be gone, season to be over

The Missouri Tigers were beaten at home Saturday, Sept. 16, by Purdue 35-3. It was ugly.

And Missouri fans are not happy about things — or Missouri football coach Barry Odom — after the Tigers dropped to 1-2 this season.

Here’s a look at what fans are saying at Mizzou Tigers – SEC Country. You can join the conversation here.

Editor’s note: All comments are taken verbatim. Comments are only edited for spelling. 

Brian Kemerling: When does basketball start?

Nathaniel Hammack: Is Les Miles still available we need another GP era fast!!!

Vince Lopez: What is there to say? The play on the field, speaks for itself. Good luck trying to get any recruits higher than a two star to come to Mizzou!

Michael Chlebowski: Quite possibly the worst performance I’ve ever seen by a big time college program. This team is ill prepared and the coaching staff is clueless. This hurry-up offense is simply offensive! IT STINKS! As does the defense and the coach!

Angel Gonzalez: Pathetic how far we’ve fallen!! Odom must be fired!!

Chris VanSickle: Far and away the worst coached team I have ever seen! Offense had no creativity, defense has no identity or what they are doing, special teams are non-existent (other than our great punter)! They have no focus that lead to tons of penalties! Where do you stop about how poorly coached this team is?

Mike Jacobs: Positively atrocious. Drew Lock has regressed, amidst all the defensive struggles. A rudderless ship, with nothing suggesting progress on the horizon. They could go winless in the SEC.

Eryn Sullivan: MIZ-LES!!!! Let’s go get Les Miles!

Troy Helmig: No heart no desire. How in the hell are you just gonna let the man take the ball away from you, in the end zone.

Carol Baker Wright: The trouble runs deeper than we thought. Could this be a sit down by the team for firing Cross? It almost looked like they were trying to lose. I’m serious.

Kenneth Lee: Had a great team with Pinkel I don’t believe Barry has what it takes to be a head coach