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Ole Miss remains under investigation by the NCAA.

Anonymous coach on number of teams cheating: ‘In the SEC, 80 percent. Everywhere else, about 20 percent’

The NCAA is investigating Ole Miss for allegedly paying recruits and giving them extra benefits. And it’s long been a debate over whether college student-athletes should be compensated for their marketability. According to some anonymous coaches, these rules violations are happening frequently, particularly in the SEC.

CBS Sports anonymously interviewed one-fifth of the 130 FBS coaches on the topic of rules violations in the NCAA, particularly about major scandals, such as paying football players. And one of these coaches had no problem calling out the SEC in particular for alleged shady activity.

“Out of the 130 FBS schools in FBS, I would say, in the SEC, 80 percent [knowingly cheat],” the coach told CBS Sports. “Everywhere else, about 20 percent.”

Another coach says that players who walk through tailgates in parking lots after games could potentially receive “$400-$500” from fans who are pleased with their efforts from a big game.

“I guarantee [that sort of thing] is going to happen at Ole Miss and Alabama and Mississippi State and Tennessee and Texas probably and Oklahoma — for sure,” that coach told CBS Sports.

As a whole, the survey revealed that coaches don’t think these types of violations are happening at a large number of schools, just the ones most into football. Fifty-seven percent of the coaches interviewed think 10 or fewer percent of schools knowingly break NCAA rules beyond minor secondary violations. Only 4 percent think that 30 percent or more are doing so.