Brittany Wagner/@Brittany_MSgirl
Brittany Wagner stars on the Netflix series "Last Chance U."

Last Chance U’s Brittany Wagner clears the air on her new role, will not move to Michigan

Although she appreciated all the enthusiasm from folks in Michigan, Brittany Wagner will still be calling the South home.

On Monday night, the star of the Netflix series “Last Chance U” felt the need to address “the Michigan rumor” that had her moving to the state after being hired as a special academic consultant at Madison Heights High just outside of Royal Oaks.

She wrote on Twitter that the school will be one of many schools and organizations that she’ll be working with remotely.

According to the Detroit News, Wagner will make an in-person visit to Madison Heights High this month, but the majority of her work will be from her business headquarters in Birmingham, Ala. Still, she’ll be in regular contact with teachers throughout the school year.

Madison District Public Schools Superintendent Randy Speck told the Detroit news is clearly thrilled to have her services.

“Quite frankly, if (Alabama football coach) Nick Saban wants to get someone eligible, he calls Brittany,” Speck said. “Butch Jones from Tennessee wants to get someone eligible, they call Brittany because they know if they send those kids to that junior college when she was there, she was going to put a plan in place. And if those kids were willing to do the work, they were going to get themselves eligible.

“She has a lot of connections that will really benefit all of our students but it will benefit the student-athlete, no question about that.”

“Last Chance U” is a documentary series that follows football players at one of the top JUCO football programs in the nation, EMCC in Scooba, Miss. The series features football coach Buddy Stephens and Wagner.

Wagner developed special relationships with several EMCC players, helping them turn things around on and off the field to find success in the sport.