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FOX Sports' Colin Cowherd predicted Ohio State would win the national title on Monday.

WATCH: Colin Cowherd says Ohio State, not Alabama, will win national title this season

Nick Cole

Colin Cowherd is not exactly Alabama’s No. 1 fan.

So it’s probably no surprise that the FOX Sports personality picked against the Crimson Tide when calling his shot for this season’s College Football Playoff winner. Instead, the controversial radio and television host went with Big Ten darling Ohio State as his choice to win it all.

Cowherd explained during his FOX Sports show on Monday afternoon why he likes the Buckeyes over Alabama, Florida State and USC this season.

“Not only do I think Ohio State has a great coach, a very good quarterback and a tremendous defensive line,” Cowherd said. “But I think they match up very well. The four best teams, in my opinion, are Alabama, USC, Florida State and Ohio State. The strength of Ohio State is their defensive line and the weakness of USC, Florida State and Alabama is their offensive lines. So I think Ohio State would beat Alabama, USC and Florida State head-to-head.

“I also like Ohio State’s schedule. They get nine days to prepare for Oklahoma at home. They get Penn State at home off a bye, they don’t play Wisconsin and there’s no back-to-back road games. So, quarterback, schedule and d-line. But I also pick Ohio State to win the national championship because if they do play USC, Florida State or Alabama, I think their defensive front will absolutely control the game.”

You can watch Cowherd make his prediction here:

In spite of picking against them, Cowherd does at least pay Alabama the respect of considering them one of the four best teams in the country. That would presumably lead them to a fourth consecutive playoff appearance in four opportunities.

Alabama was voted as the preseason No. 1 team in the country in last week’s Amway Coaches Poll.