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South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp answers questions at a press conference

Newberry College HC calls The Citadel, not South Carolina, the ‘second-best’ team in the state

Joe Clarkin

If you caught them in a moment of honesty, even most South Carolina fans would likely admit that their archrival, the defending national champion Clemson Tigers, are the best college football team in the state of South Carolina. But that’s as far as they, and most people, would be willing to go.

Newberry College head coach Todd Knight, however, is not most people. On Friday, he said while talking with ABC Columbia that The Citadel, against who Newberry opens their season, is the ‘second-best team in South Carolina.’

Intentionally or not, Knight’s comment clearly leaves out the Gamecocks clear place as the state runner-up, even though The Citadel did come into Columbia and beat the Gamecocks in 2015. Fortunately for Knight and Newberry, the defending SAC champions, the Gamecocks and Wolves aren’t likely to square off against one another anytime soon.