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South Carolina coach Will Muschamp now must regroup his team after losing to Kentucky on Saturday.

Fan Sound Off: South Carolina fans frustrated with play-calling in first loss

The South Carolina Gamecocks suffered the double whammy Saturday in their home opener against the Kentucky Wildcats. South Carolina lost its first game of the season, falling 23-13, and coach Will Muschamp announced after the game that star Deebo Samuel suffered a leg injury that will have a major effect on the Gamecocks’ season.

The Gamecocks play Louisiana Tech on Saturday, Sept. 23, at 3:30 p.m. ET.

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Editor’s note: All comments are taken verbatim and only edited for spelling. 

Daryl Wherry: Can you say pitiful!!! And Elliott Fry “oh where oh where has our kicker gone….oh where…..oh where can he be!!!”

Erin Beasley Sluder: We have the talent on offense. We need an offensive coordinator that can call plays and a kicker.

Brian Key: Black out just didn’t do it… we live and we learn, we move on.

Brian McGuffee: Kurt Roper…probably isn’t the best man to run the offense….just saying.

Joey Graham: Pathetic.

Alex Farley: All of you are a bunch of fair weather fans!! Support your team no matter what. Frustration is understandable, but don’t bash your team. Just go bandwagon someone else. Go Cocks!!

Jermaine Miller: Bentley is overrated and the hype has clearly gone to his head, we only use one of many weapons every game, and it’s time to look at Chip Kelly to try and revamp our offense, either as a offensive coordinator or head coach.

Trevor Huntsinger: I don’t understand why we can’t stop the wildcat. For real all they’re doing is lining up and running down our throats. 

Mikey Hinson: It’s been awhile since we had to worry about FG kicking but that hurt tonight as well as the offense.

Judi Nelson Bradley: Too many missed opportunities man just sloppy efforts we should of had this game In The bag!! Very disappointing.

Robert Austin Hughes: The worst offensive coordinator goes to Kurt Roper.

Glenn Melton: Kentucky came ready to play and we didn’t. Simple as that!