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Tennessee QB Quinten Dormady had a rough day against Florida, as he was intercepted 3 times.

Fan Sound Off: Tennessee fans question play-calling, coaching in crushing loss

Tennessee dropped a heartbreaker in Week 3 as Florida used a 63-yard heave from Feleipe Franks to Tyrie Cleveland to crush the Volunteers’ soul by a 26-20 margin.

John Kelly led a Tennessee offense that was stagnant for most of the game. The junior tailback rushed for 141 yards and hauled in another 96 yards, but it wasn’t enough.

Predictably, calls for Butch Jones’ job were howled from the highest points on Rocky Top after the game.

Check out what Tennessee fans are saying about the performance and join the conversation here.

Note: Comments are taken verbatim from Tennessee Volunteers — SEC Country and only edited for spelling.

Justin Eugene Pratt: This loss is on the coaches and their poor play calling. Pathetic! You run all over these guys but stop near the goal line!!! I am disgusted!

Chalky Orren: At this point, fire every offensive coach and Jones before the plane lands in Knoxville. Florida is a JV team at best! We got outcoached by a horrible staff once again.

Elijah Parker: We will struggle to win 6 games this year. Hate to say it but I’d be surprised if we have the same head coach next season.

Brandon Fultz: Tennessee lost at the point they decided to pass the ball on the 10-yard line 3 times instead of giving it to one of the best running backs in all of college football with 1:04 on the clock. Terrible coaching, absolutely terrible.

Alison Poindexter Seal: OMG.. TN fans are the worst, just horrible. If I were the players, I would lose the rest of the games because the fan base is horrible. Yes, we lost the game but it’s just a game. Grow up people. I’m disappointed we lost but I’m still a Vol for Life. We need to encourage and support our players!! GBO!!🏈🏈

David Collett: Why would you not let Kelly run at the 1-yard line? Hell no, you pass, it’s incomplete add a holding call and interception. Great coaching guys. Great coaching.

Missi Dykes: Hint: when you are on the goal line and have a player like Kelly, use him. Don’t throw 3 times thereby allowing an interception.. That not good.. And 4 missed fg’s to boot… dude that cost us the game…

Julie Gratton: We deserved to lose. We missed so many opportunities. OC is an idiot!. Not a good season this year. Time to really look deeper into Butch’s ability to be an SEC HC.

Dequan B Robinson: Never seen a Tennessee team or a Florida team help each other win the game as much as I seen it today. No one wanted the dubbya. Definitely one of the worst Florida teams I have ever seen. We played down to our competition in this one. Play calling was terrible and once again our defense was caught out of position to defend a Hail Mary. I certainly hope we grow from this one.

Keith Tucker: It’s a game. I hate it just as much as you. Missed field goals, missed tackles, bad play calling, bad secondary reads. You can always look back and see the mistakes. We have lots more season left. It was a good ball game. Relax people!!! Go Big Orange!!!!