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Vanderbilt had an up-and-down season in 2017 but finished on a high note by beating rival Tennessee.

2017 SEC Country Power Poll: Where Vanderbilt is ranked (Week 14)

Thomas Neumann

Vanderbilt traveled one heckuva circuitous path this season — only to end up right where it started in the SEC Country Power Poll.

The Commodores began the year in the No. 13 spot and stormed out to a 3-0 start, including a win over Kansas State, which was ranked No. 18 at the time. It added up to a No. 6 ranking in the power poll after Week 3.

Then conference play began.

Vandy went on to lose its next five games:

  • dropping to No. 9 after losing 59-0 to Alabama in Week 4
  • skidding to No. 11 after a 38-24 loss at Florida in Week 5
  • idling at No. 11 after a 45-14 loss to Georgia in Week 6
  • slipping to No. 13 after losing to Ole Miss in Week 7
  • staying at No. 13 after an open date in Week 8
  • and remaining at No. 13 after a defeat at South Carolina in Week 9.

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The Commodores were still stuck at No. 13 despite ending their losing skid with a win over Western Kentucky in Week 10 and a loss to Kentucky in Week 11.

Vandy hit rock bottom, the dreaded No. 14 spot, after a loss to Missouri in Week 12.

That set up a matchup between the bottom two teams in the SEC when the Commodores traveled to Tennessee for their annual intrastate rivalry game against the Volunteers. Both teams entered with 0-7 records in SEC play.

Somebody had to win, and Vandy got the job done, romping to a 42-24 win to beat the Volunteers for the fourth time in six years.

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The victory improved the Commodores’ record to 5-7 overall and 1-7 SEC play. It wasn’t enough for Vandy to earn its second consecutive bowl berth, but it was enough to move past Tennessee back into the comfort of the No. 13 spot in the SEC Country Power Poll.

The Commodores will open the 2018 season with home games against Middle Tennessee and Nevada before heading to Notre Dame in Week 3.

Then conference play begins …

Your Week 14 Power Poll rankings

Results are below:

1Georgia (12 - 1)26020311
2Auburn (10 - 3)2320123
3Alabama (11 - 1)2280223
4LSU (9 - 3)1980445
5Mississippi State (8 - 4)1720549
6South Carolina (8 - 4)15006512
7Texas A&M (7 - 5)13707510
8Missouri (7 - 5)12108510
9Kentucky (7 - 5)10509811
10Ole Miss (6 - 6)85010811
11Florida (4 - 7)62011613
12Arkansas (4 - 8)43012714
13Vanderbilt (5 - 7)230131214
14Tennessee (4 - 8)40141214

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