Ed Zurga/Getty Images
Vanderbilt head coach Derek Mason encourages his team from the sidelines.

LOOK: Derek Mason signs baby at Vanderbilt fan day

Fan day brings out a whole mix of people each year: lifelong fans looking for autographs from the newcomers, grown men and women waiting in line to meet college-aged superstars, and little kids meeting their heroes.

Sometimes, though, it can get a bit crazy, as it did in Nashville as a Vanderbilt fan asked Commodores head coach Derek Mason to sign something to him: his baby.

While this isn’t that uncommon, you have to wonder how the autograph, which is being signed on the onesie and not the baby’s skin, will hold up when (or if) washed. Do they retire the outfit and frame it? Never wash the onesie again and just wait for the kid to grow out of it?

Let’s just hope the parents have a good picture of this to show the kid 10 years from now.